Some of the things that have ensured the health of any type of commerce are the presence of consumer reports. They help consumers find and retain the services/products of good providers. In the old days, this was left to the use of word of mouth, but today a lot of this is controlled by scaled consumer reporting organs like magazines.

In the Internet or digital age where nearly everything is digital in a near globalized village, consumer reports have morphed. They are timely, dependable and credible. E-commerce companies like Amazon and e-Bay have created platforms where consumers can see feedback about various sellers with ease.

However, companies in the essay writing e-commerce segment have been left behind with regards to sharing feedback with their customers. They don’t have reviews that can help their customers discover great writers on their platform. This website is for these kinds of consumers.

Students as consumers

Students buy essays whenever they feel that they cannot write them on their own. But essay writing companies have professionals who can write custom essays for these groups of consumers. Like their mainstream counterparts, customers of essay writing companies need consumer reports that can help them find services that can properly serve them.

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Why reviews are necessary

There are virtually thousands of essay writing companies out there. Most of them do a great job with regards to helping students buy essays. However, a small number goes around stealing from students, providing leap service, among other things. Reviews are provided by people who’ve spend money with them. Since they have dealt with these essay companies, reviewers can easily provide reliable reviews for other consumers. Besides, scams can only last long enough without being discovered. This can help them avoid making mistakes and thus, end up with the right service provider. helps students to discover worthy essay writing companies.

How we work

We constantly ask our user base to share information about essay writing companies with us. We collect what they think about a company’s customer support, cost structure and quality. We also ask them to leave a raw comment which is published for everyone to see. We also go out of our way to review various essay writing companies. When we do this, we are able to share everything we can get about a given essay writing company. Students should take advantage of this information to get the best writing service.

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